Sour Sunflower

Sour Sunflower is a t-shirt company that believes in fair sizing for women and men of any size, shape, or color. With the use of innovated measuring techniques, we are able to gather the users perfect size quicker than ever. We pair our users with models of their sizing to allow for a quick and reliable shopping experience.

The Challenge

Develop a t-shirt company in limited time that allows for innovative and reliable user experience through their application. Create interesting graphic t-shirts that are quirky and fun. Create a brand that goes against the norm and has models of all sizes and pairs their customers with the perfect model for them.



The survey is used to gather 

information about what features may 

be desired in a t-shirt company. 


The summary displays the key 

components that are desired within 

the applications as main features. This 

survey discovered what are important features to include in Sour Sunflower.


Research Insight

The key takeaways from the conducted research is that people are concerned about:

  1. Majority of people feel models do not reflect how they will look in clothing. 

  2. Clothing typically does not fit the way they expect when ordering offline.

  3. Sizing is incredibly important to most consumers. Is it size inclusive? Models for all sizes?

  4. Two most important aspect to selling tees: Fit & Design


Journey Map

This journey map was created with the intention of understanding what our users go through to be able to improve Sour Sunflower. This ensures a seamless experience for the user.


These character personas are meant to display the type of goals and frustrations certain people 

may be facing. This is used to advance how Sour Sunflower can help these individuals.


Logo Design

Sour Sunflower's logo was designed to be colorful, fun, and quirky to reflect their clothing line.

Main Logo





Visual Design

The color palette primarily features a orange shade that is accompanied by a yellow and lighter orange shade to create a fun and refreshing feel to Sour Sunflower's branding.

Monsterrat Family is a sans serif font family used within the designs for headings and in the logo design for a clean yet quirky feel. Helvetica is used because of its compatibility with Apple products. The font is a sans serif font that is easy for the user to engage with.

Color Palette



This is a simplified version of the Wireframe for Sour Sunflower. It shows the basic paths that flow through the application. It is the visual blueprint for the skeleton of the application.


App Design


The on-boarding is used to enlighten the user of the capabilities of Sour Sunflower's application.

Sour Sunflower prides themselves in their innovative form of measurements, diverse models, and expansive range of t-shirt designs.


Measured for Perfect Fit

Sour Sunflower's Measurement Scanner allows for the user to obtain their perfect sizing quicker than ever. Sizing is different, in that the users are given the options Slim, Regular, Oversize, and Supersize.

Slim - 1 Size Smaller

Regular - Your Perfect Size

Oversize - 1 Size Bigger

Supersize - 2 Sizes Bigger

You are given the option to turn off our alternative form of measurement if you are shopping for someone else!


Models of Every Size

Based on your measurements, Sour Sunflower pairs you with models of your sizing to allow for the easiest shopping experience. As the user browses our app, they will be able to visualize how the shirt will look on their body type thanks to our diverse range of models.


Designs for Every Style

Sour Sunflower's expansive collection of designs allows for everyone to find their ideal tee. With numerous choices, users may find it difficult to choose their desired tee! That is why we created a style quiz. Our style quiz is quick and easy, and allows us to pair you with a mystery box of items you'll love!


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