Public Relations Capstone

Our team had the honor of helping the domestic violence shelters, ALIVE Inc., St. John's Home for Children, and the YWCA. We used our collective skills to help them through this difficult time in history.

The Challenge

Find ways to contribute to these organizations that utilize our skills, as well as maximize their awareness, donations, and community help.


We began the semester by researching each individual organization and figuring out their specific set of wants and needs.


ALIVE stands for Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments. They are an emergency shelter located in Steubenville, Ohio. Their mission is to “provide safe alternative to living in a violent environment.” They provide many forms of help for those in need, including “emergency sheltering, 24-hour crisis hotline, and advocacy services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

SWOT Analysis


  • 24 Hour Hotline

  • Free & Confidential Services

  • Emergency Sheltering


  • No current working website

  • Lack of presence on social media

  • Lack of community awareness


  • Expand social media presence

  • Increase awareness to people in need

  • Website


  • Unknown to mass community

  • Community help may be going to organizations with more brand awareness

  • COVID-19 Outbreak

St. John's Home for Children

St. John’s Home for Children is a small non-profit organization in Wheeling, West Virginia. Their mission is to “[embrace] a tradition of caring for youth and families by securing family focused services through community-based collaboration to promote family well-being.” They service primarily young boys ages eight to fourteen with “behavioral and emotional difficulties or who are the victims of abuse of neglect."

SWOT Analysis


  • Website clearly shows how to volunteer/get help

  • 24 hour hotline


  • Branding outdated

  • Lack of social media presence


  • Expand social media presence

  • Updated branding to expand their potential reach


  • Unknown to mass community

  • Community help may be going to organizations with more social media presence

  • COVID-19 Outbreak


The YWCA Wheeling

The YWCA stands for Young Women’s Christian Association. Their mission is to “eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.” The YWCA Wheeling was established in 1906. They have several programs to help a wide range of individuals. Their programs include; The Cultural Diversity Community Outreach (CDCO), The Family Violence Prevention Program (FVPP), The Women Inspired in New Directions Program (WIND), Survivors of Trafficking Empowerment Program (STEP), The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP), and The Y-Not Repeat Boutique. 

SWOT Analysis


  • Strong website and social media 

  • Numerous programs

  • Well-known in the community


  • So well-known that people may think they do not need help


  • Optimization of current programs/events

  • Expand help throughout current community


  • Community help going elsewhere

  • COVID-19 Outbreak

Original Goals


  • Collect donations by creating donation boxes and holding a fundraising event

  • Create awareness by going to a West Liberty University basketball game

St. John's Home for Children:

  • Update logo/branding

  • Creating social media for non-profit brochure to enhance their social media

The YWCA Wheeling:

  • Collaborate with an organization on West Liberty University's campus to increase clothing drive donations

  • Also advertise Take Back the Night event happening on West Liberty University's campus through a PSA airing on several radio stations


We begun the semester by creating donation boxes. We decided to create icons of the desired donations and display them on the side of the boxes, along with a list of items. We placed all the boxes in high traffic areas around West Liberty University's campus to hopefully bring in the max amount of donations.

Our team decided to host a raffle fundraiser for ALIVE Inc. at PeppeBroni's Pizza in Weirton, WV. We created a flyer that promoted the event and also functioned as a way for us to receive more donations for ALIVE Inc.


We decided to go to a West Liberty University basketball game to bring awareness to ALIVE Inc., as well as promote our upcoming raffle fundraiser. We gathered statistics about domestic violence, printed them out, and taped them onto lollipops to give out during the basketball game.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we had to cancel our raffle fundraiser event for ALIVE Inc. and develop a new way to utilize our skills and help their organization.

New Goals

Our plans had to halt, adapt, or completely transform due to the circumstances. This caused our team to think outside the box. After some discussion, we decided to create a PSA to help many domestic violence organizations. We decided that raising awareness may be our only hope during this outbreak. 

Public Service Announcement

The public service announcement we created for these domestic violence shelters was meant to help all the organizations at once. We felt this was the best option because we could no longer help through hands-on interactions. It felt almost urgent that we create something to raise awareness for those affected by domestic violence. Our public service announcement was created to cause the viewer to stay aware, stay safe, and donate.

St. John's Home for Children Logo Design

Thankfully, we were still able to help St. John's Home for Children with creating new logo variations, although we are still waiting for a finalization of the logo due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Their Marketing Director expressed a need for a new logo design and we were happy to help.

Original Designs

St. John's Home for Children's old logo was dated with intricate icons and decorative fonts. This inspired the updated design to be simple and clean, something that doesn’t have an expiration date. They expressed wanting to keep the blue color and possibly incorporating a shield or some type of vector icon to the design.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 5.22.54 PM.png

New Design Variations

The logo design has not been finalized yet, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but we gave them various logo options to look over and I offered my help in the future. The logo was created to represent a place that is safe and friendly toward children. The design that I feel is the strongest is an icon that contains a shield, home, and cross hidden within the shape of the window. The icon is meant to express that St. John’s Home for Children is somewhere strong, safe, and secure for the children they take in .