Perky Pooch Packaging

Perky Pooch is not your normal dog food company. Inspired by the booklet, Why You Need a Dog Before You Have Kids, Perky Pooch was created to stand out from their competitors through colorful, engaging branding with high quality products and food for your Perky Pooch.


3 Months 


Research, Design, & Mock Up 


Adobe Illustrator 

The Challenge

Create a brand's packaging design that stands out on the shelf for being something different and interesting for the consumer. 

Visual Design

The color palette primarily features a rotation of cream, orange, and blue color throughout the packaging for different flavors of dog food as well as the dog toys. Purple is used sparingly within the products typography and illustrations.

Life is Goofy is combined with Sabandija ffp in multiple headers to create a fun and playful feel to the design. The sans serif 

font, Lato, is used as the body text to keep the information easily legible while still remaining inviting and friendly.

Color Palette






Final Perky Pooch Packaging Design

Puppasnack "Mini's"

Puppasnack "Small's"

Puppachow Canned Food

Puppaball Tennis Ball Toy

Pupparope Rope Toy

Perky Pooch Bag

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