Why You Need a Dog Before You Have Kids

This editorial piece gives the reader an inside scoop into the reasons that owning a dog may benefit you and your partner as future parents.

Perky Pooch Packaging

Different than your normal dog companies, Perky Pooch is an engaging and colorful branded pet supply company that believes in high quality and fun products.

Wheeling Brewery

Beer Labels

Wheeling Brewery's Panhandle Pale Ale now wears a new label to express its crisp, delicious hop flavor. This design is also accompanied by Wheeling Brewery's McColloch's Wheat Ale new beer label design.

Colorado Dragon

Boat Festival

The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival held a contest for their promotional material in 2018. My work was featured on posters, flyers, shirts, bottles, and Coca-Cola trucks.

West Liberty University

Football Media Guide

This 64 page booklet was created to shine a light on West Liberty University's football team. This booklet was created along with booklets for their men's and women's basketball teams.

Sour Sunflower

Sour Sunflower is a clothing line that was created to be fun and quirky. Their appeal is their user friendly app that automatically shows you models that reflect your sizing and your style.


Phobia Project

I created a short series of illustrations based off three different animal phobias. The style of this project was inspired by the work of Oivind Hovland.


This is a illustrative short story that tells the tale of two friends, Mike and Kelso. Inspired by the workings of commercial advertising, a pizza adventure ensues.