Wheeling Brewery Beer Labels

Wheeling Brewery's Panhandle Pale Ale wears a new label to express its crisp, delicious hop flavor. This design is also accompanied by Wheeling Brewery's McColloch's Wheat Ale beer label design concept.


1 Month


Research, Design, & Mock Up 


Adobe Illustrator

The Challenge

Design and develop a beer label design that creates more traffic to those certain types of beer for Wheeling Brewery in Wheeling, WV.


Before beginning designing the beer labels, I researched the names of the beers to learn about the history of the names as well as inspire myself. Panhandle Pale Ale was more clear as to what I wanted to include. The shape of the northern panhandle of West Virginia is featured on the back of the label, as well as a location marker to where the brewery is located. It is surrounded by symbols of the northern panhandle.

McColloch's Wheat Ale was named after a moment in Wheeling, WV's history. "McColloch's Leap was a feat performed during a September 1777 attack by Native Americans on Fort Henry, site of present-day Wheeling, West Virginia, during the American Revolutionary War." This inspired the shape of the horse on the back of the label to pair well with the look and feel of the Panhandle Pale Ale.


Visual Design

The Panhandle Pale Ale design features a deep yellow color label to reflect that it is a lighter flavored beer with dusty gray and white accent colors. The McColloch's Wheat Ale features a deep, dusty red toned background with gray and dusty yellow to reflect the story of McColloch.

These beer labels use the font group Next within the design to give the label a strong typographic feel.

Color Palette








Final Design