Artist Statement

Aa designer, my main mission is to create great designs that promote happiness and self-love. Through my desire to create colorful, bubbly artwork and my passion for body positivity, the company Sour Sunflower was created. Sour Sunflower is a t-shirt company that prides themselves on their unique, expressive designs for any and all sizes. This project has been an amazing outlet for me to create fun, unique designs that can brighten someone’s day. The designs are random and quirky. I believe that sometimes the best works are the ones that just bring a smile to your face. There is no direct meaning within my shirt designs, other than the ultimate goal of making someone happy. 


Sour Sunflower was constructed to be different than normal companies in their sizing and the way shirts are displayed. We are accepting of all sizes and make accommodations for all customers. Our app features a measurement scanner that allows the user to acquire the most accurately fitting shirt. This allows us to pair the user with models that reflect their figure. I see so many companies that display models as either small or plus size without any in-between or outside. Sour Sunflower is a company that has models of all shapes, sizes, and colors. This allows for the easiest and most accurate experience when it comes to online shopping.